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A Cleaner work environment Guaranteed


Kristel Kleen offers decades of experience  in the cleaning industry.  We serve residential and corporate clients detailing the interiors of homes, autos and office spaces.  Our effective system of time and motion will thoroughly clean your work environment in an efficient manner resulting in  quality, reliable cleaning every time. 

We offer daily and weekly cleaning services which can be customized to meet your specific needs. Recognizing that many office properties practice sustainability for a greener work environment biodegradable products can be used upon request. Our mission is to focus on the details so you have a clean, orderly office every time.

Corporate Wellness Cleaning Services


We offer an optional extra care package to help office environments from the common cold or flu.  Special solutions are used to help eradicate potentially viral affected common areas and equipment such as coffee handles, telephones, door handles, light switches, remotes, etc.

Attention to Detail


We offer a range of services which include standard cleaning and wipe down to special add on services such as:


  • Sanitizer left in reception, waiting areas and bathrooms 
  • Bathroom fragrance
  • Polishing/condition furniture
  • Cleaning glass on picture frames
  • Dusting ceiling fan blades
  • Window cleaning
  • Disinfecting equipment, door knobs, etc. 
  • Spot treat carpet stains



Common Areas


All private and common areas including break rooms, kitchens, reception, conference rooms and bathrooms.

Floor Surfaces


We vacuum and mop hard surfaces and carpeted areas.

Trash Removal


Trash is emptied and removed for placement in designated receptacles.



Common area lamps, chairs, tables and other furnishings are wiped down.

Corporate Wellness


This add on virus protection service will help kill germs that spread cold and flu.

Add On Services


Polishing/ conditioning furniture and cleaning windows, blinds, ceiling fans or desk surfaces are optional add on services.


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